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April 29.2018:

The GOSU Martial Arts team (from Clarksville, MD) recently competed at the U.S. Capital Wushu Championships in Chantilly, Virginia on March 10th, 2018 . Seven of our members, Phillip Mitchell, Archer Sariscak, Matthew Lee, Andrew Liu, Kiliyan Perrot-Dagnet, Emanuel Tansil, and Jordyn Haney, earned medals in their categories. Congratulations to them! We are proud of them.

Here are the results:

Name: Results:
Andrew Liu Beginner Other Staff: Bronze
Emanuel Tansil Beginner Staff: Bronze
Jordyn Haney Beginner Staff: Gold, and Beginner Longfist: Silver
Kiliyan Perrot-Dagnet Beginner Straightsword: Gold, Beginner Staff: Silver, and Beginner Longfist: Bronze
Phillip Mitchell Intermediate Other Longfist, Straightsword, & Spear: Gold, and Intermediate Longfist: Bronze
Archer Sariscak Intermediate Other Straightsword: Gold, Intermediate Longfist & Staff: Silver
Matthew Lee Advanced Longfist, Broadsword, & Staff: Gold

About GOSU

GOSU Martial arts was founded by Coach Ching-Yin "Bee" Lee in 2011. Coach Ching-Yin Lee has been training in Kung Fu since 1993 and Tai Chi Chuan since 1994. He is a two time US Wushu National Team Member and has been a Professional Coach since 2002. He has trained with Lu Xiao Lin and Dr. Sims at O-Mei Wushu Center, He Qiang and Chen Yang Ping (both two time National China Champions in Nanquan or Southern Fist) in Guangdong, China, and coach Herb Martin (Assistant Coach for 2008 US Olympic Boxing Team) at Enigma Boxing Gym. Trained with Dr. Lee at Fu Ying Quan She Tai Chi Club.

Location and Training

GOSU Martial Arts will offer instruction in Modern Wushu and Traditional Kung Fu. The program includes stretching, punching, kicking, stances, calisthenics, and agility drills that will create a full body exercise. We also instruct in kickboxing and weapons training for intermediate level athletes.

NOTE: As of March 5 2018, classes will be held at Village of River Hill as renovations have been completed. See table below for details:

Day & Time Class Location
Monday: 6-7pm Beginner Class Village of River Hill
6330 Trotter Road, Clarksville, MD 21029
Monday: 7-8pm Intermediate Class Village of River Hill
6330 Trotter Road, Clarksville, MD 21029
Monday: 8-9pm Advanced Class Village of River Hill
6330 Trotter Road, Clarksville, MD 21029
Wednesday: 7:45-9:15pm All Levels Class Village of River Hill
6330 Trotter Road, Clarksville, MD 21029
Thursday: 6-7pm Beginner Class Village of River Hill
6330 Trotter Road, Clarksville, MD 21029
Thursday: 7-8pm Kickboxing Class Village of River Hill
6330 Trotter Road, Clarksville, MD 21029
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I have known Ching-Yin as a respected competitor, a friend and fellow avid martial artist for over 12 years back when he competed on Coach Lu Xiaolin's O-Mei Wushu Team as a Nanquan specialist. His deep knowledge of Chinese martial arts particularly the southern Chinese styles is very hard to find in the United States. He has a detailed approach to his practice and a great appreciation for all of the aspects of martial training. I strongly recommend people interested in furthering their martial arts studies to train with him.

Matt Wong Orange County Wushu Association Coach,International Wushu Federation (IWUF) Judge

In the near decade that I have known Ching-Yin Lee, I have seen him demonstrate time and time again a great dedication to Chinese martial arts aesthetics and application. There are very few martial arts practitioners and coaches out there today who have as diverse and as strong an understanding of the fundamentals of Chinese martial arts as Ching-Yin. He works hard as an athlete, and as a coach, he makes his students work hard to achieve their true martial arts potential, whether that potential be in contemporary wushu or in sanshou kickboxing. Ching-Yin uses his knowledge to make strong, smart, and spirited athletes.

Cameron Mozafari IWUF Judge, Former Coach of Terp Wushu Club, Coach of UMBC Wushu Club

Master Ching-Yin Lee of GOSU Chinese Martial Arts is one of the knowledgeable and well rounded martial artists in the US. From Chinese Kungfu, to full contact fighting and internal (soft) Chinese arts including Taiji and Xingyi- Master Ching-Yin Lee is a true martial artist that talks the talk and walks the walk. He is very dedicated to giving the best instruction to his students. Consider yourself fortunate to have found him, you have found the best.

Lucas Geller US Wushu Team Member & Pan American Wushu Games Silver Medalist, Head Coach of Chinese Martial Arts Academy

Ching-Yin Lee really helped me in many ways to catapult my Wushu career. He not only helped me technically but also offered support in many other ways to aid my journey; such as psychological, physical and inspirational support. His technical expertise along with great people skills is a real asset that could help others along a similar journey to Wushu stardom. I am grateful for the amount of support I received from Ching-Yin even after my Wushu career ended to this day and would recommend his knowledge and skills to anyone. Keep up the great work.

Nathan Lam Canadian Wushu Team Member, Pan American Wushu Games Gold Medalist, World Wushu Championships Finalist, Head Coach of Wushu Hero Martial Arts School

I first met Ching-Yin in 2004 at the University of Maryland Terp Wushu Club, where he served as the Head Coach, and since then he has been a great teacher, teammate, competitor, and friend. While Ching-Yin is a very accomplished martial artist and athlete, he is even more impressive as a teacher. His best qualities as an athlete, his strong fundamentals, clean technique, creativity and work ethic, have transferred very well to teaching. It will be difficult to find a more dedicated and knowledgeable teacher than Ching-Yin, and I have personally benefited greatly from his teachings.

Jason Liu Three-Time US Wushu Team Member & World Wushu Championship Gold Medalist, Former Head Coach of Terp Wushu Club, Coach of UMBC Wushu Club

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